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Our philosophie consists in guiding (young) talented football players and coaches to and through there professional careers in the best and fairest way possible. This means that we will always respect the wishes from the players and coaches and assist them where we can.

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Fairplay Football Agency

Contacts Clubs

Fairplay Football Agency has direct contacts with professional football clubs in Germany (1. & 2. Bundesliga), The Netherlands (Ere- & Eerste Divisie), England (Premier League & Championship), Spain (Primera Division & La Liga) and football clubs in the USA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & The Emirates (Dubai).

Optimum Guidance

We want players & coaches to be able to fully concentrate on their football performances. We give the personal attention one deserves. Not only do we manage your football-related matters, but also your business-related matters. We have a team of experts in legal issues, tax matters and/or financial matters.

Fair Deal

We have transparent fees. This is because we want to advise you as objectively as possible. You are the one making the decisions. We will however always point out the advantages and/or disadvantages of each opportunity. If you are happy with your choice, we will fully support you in your decision. That is how we feel it should be.

Football Talent

Even at a young age, you could face some difficult decisions that have to be made in the interest of your career, for example:

  • Shall I make a transfer and leave my current club to join another club?
  • What are the possibilities if the many training sessions and matches are hard to combine with school?
  • Is it better for my training and sports career to move to for example, a Football Academy?

These are all choices where you and your parents could use some advice. At these moments, a lot of information comes your way, which makes it difficult to have a good oversight and to differentiate real promises from empty promises. After all, this is all new to you, whereas the choices you make at that moment could not only greatly influence your football career, but also your life.

You and your parents can engage our services, when you are 16 years old or older.

FIFA Licence

Fairplay Football Agency is in possession of an official FIFA license for the management of footballers. This means that we meet all the requirements laid down by the FIFA to conduct in contract negotiations in professional football.

Our services

You want one thing really and that is to perform at the highest level possible. While you are trying to reach your goal, you do not want to be distracted by all sorts of related matters during your football career. We will make sure that you can fully concentrate on your football performance. We have many contacts at professional clubs, as well as media and commercial contacts, which can be beneficial for closing sponsoring deals.

Personal Guidance

- Housing
- Education
- Mental coaching
- Financial advice
- Legal advice
- Sponsor contracts
- Insurances
- Pension plan

About Us

Performance Guidance

- Transfers and contracts negotiations
- Active search suitable football club
- Assistance home environment
- Talent Valuation system
- Tactical & technical advice
- Career planning & Choices
- Assistance problem solving
- Assistance Media contacts

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